ARYSS Knowledge Partners
ARYSS Knowledge Partners

The ARYSS team comprises of professionals from the financial services and fund management industry, with over 50 years of combined experience in varied roles as employees, entrepreneurs and also investors.

The team members specialize in Wealth and Investment Management and have to their credit proven track record of building sizeable financial services businesses across Foreign and Private Sector Indian Banks viz BNP Paribas, ICICI Bank Limited as well as Brokerage firms and financial services institutions like DSP Merrill Lynch and Dawnay Day AV Group.

Having worked across the value chain from the high end Private Banking & Wealth Management segment to the mass affluent retail customer, the team has hands on experience and sound knowledge of the local & international wealth management market, along with an understanding of the prevailing regulatory framework. Over their career, the team members have been collectively involved in hiring over 2500 financial services professionals which demonstrates their ability to attract the right talent across functions, train them and keep them motivated.

The team brings with it strong research and investment advisory capabilities too with impeccable performance record. Building robust processes and systems on state of art, yet low cost technology platforms across different environments, is another highlight of their career.

This team’s latest achievement has been setting up and launching of the financial services venture for the Dawnay Day group in India across the entire spectrum of financial services and successfully selling it to a US based private equity firm post the liquidity crisis faced by the Dawnay Day group in UK in mid 2008.

The Dawnay Day Group also equipped the team with investment management skills in the private equity space where they evaluated various deals and worked on behalf of the principals in UK, to make successful investments in a research outsourcing business and a hotels development and management business.

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ARYSS Knowledge Partners