ARYSS Knowledge Partners
ARYSS Knowledge Partners
The Team : About ARYSS

A Team of qualified professionals who after successfully building dominant wealth management businesses for DSP Merrill Lynch, BNP Paribas, ICICI Bank turned into entrepreneurs to set up Dawnay Day AV and successfully sold the business to a large Private Equity firm
  • Arpit Agarwal

    Arpit Agarwal

    "Arpit Agarwal has set up sizable and successful financial services businesses for 4 major organizations"
  • Surabhi Gupta

    Surabhi Gupta

    "Surabhi Gupta who started with being a successful wealth manager at ICICI Bank, was able to capitalise on opportunities very early in her career and quickly rose to become the youngest Executive Director for the UK based Dawnay Day Group in India. She has the unique experience of setting up, building and successfully selling businesses"

ARYSS Knowledge Partners